QIULIN MACHINERY is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing various sorts of hydraulic presses.
QIULIN MACHINERY has got many years of experience and presence in the market. This allows us to offer our customers a wide and complete range of hydraulic presses, especially woodworking machines.
QIULIN MACHINERY devotes a great deal of time and effort to providing our customers with prompt technical and commercial support before, during and after the sale has been completed. Our attention to detail, quality control, product innovation, design capabilities and up-dated production equipment makes QIULIN MACHINE the right partner for large companies as well as small woodworking shops.
QIULIN MACHINERY has and will continue to serve all of our customers.

 + Cover Press
 + Membrance Press
 + Melamine Laminating Hot Press
 + Parquet Production Line
 + Plywood production line
 + Molding Press
 + Insulating Board Hot Press
 + Short Cycle Lamination Production Line
 + Short Cycle Press
 + Panel Press Series
 + Wood-working Cold press series
 + Collage Press
 + Foam Right Board/Integral Skin Hot Press
 + Type Skin Repairing Hot Press
 + Testing Press
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